Finishes Ranges

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Understanding the options available in relation to your needs will be vital to making the best decisions for your new container home.

All our container configurations can be manufactured to include the desired range of finishes to create a sustainable solution for all possible container home needs and the corresponding budgets.

If need be, certain elements from the different ranges can be incorporated into others on request.

Our range of optional extras are available for all ranges.

Basic Units
The absolute basics
R149000 /6m from R99,000
This range has only the bare essentials and is offered on request only
  • Standard Aluminium single hinge entrance door
  • Interior container finish with no paneling or insulation
  • Shelves & basic built-in cupboards
  • * Available on request only
Medium Range Finishes
Everything you really need
R225.000 /6m from R139,0000
The Medium range has everything you would expect in a regular home
  • Entrance Door: Standard Aluminium entrance door
  • Standard insulated walling & ceiling
  • Kitchen: Standard range finishes
  • Bathroom: Tiled shower area only
  • Electrical: Standard electrical fixtures and fittings
  • Built-in cupboards & shelving
Everything you need & a little more
R255.000 /6m from R159,000
Luxury Units are for people wanting more from their container home.
This includes many upgrades and some integrated space-saving furniture
  • Entrance Door: Aluminium & glass stacking door
  • Standard insulated or insulated chromadek walling
  • Kitchen: Upgraded kitchen fixtures
  • Bathroom: Extended tiled area with hanging fixtures, vanity & mirror
  • Electrical: USB plug interface into wall; Upgraded low-voltage fixtures, fittings & switches
  • Upgraded finishes: cornices; skirtings; handles; etc.
  • Bedroom with floating bedside tables with reading lights; shelf and built-in cupboards