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We’re glad you made the same decision as so many others – to live in a container home.

Containers are the most wonderfully diverse modular building blocks around.  Our units can be transported almost anywhere on Earth and come fully fitted and ready to operate, what more could you need?


What’s Inside?

It’s important to know what is included with the unit and which optional extras will need to be discussed separately.

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Most units come with the following items as standard and as per manufacturing plans:-

Thermal insulated walling & ceiling; aluminium windows and doors; kitchen with selected inventory and configuration; selected carpentry; selected flooring; bathroom with selected inventory and configuration.  Selected range of finishes.

Plumbing & Electrical services ready to connect.

All items and prices on the website are quoted excluding delivery charges & VAT.


The Process

Over the years we have refined our methods and processes to work in the following way to achieve the best results

Although every project is different and unique, there are certain common milestone stages each project should go through in order to be successful.

We’ve broken it down into 4 main stages or 8 smaller and more detailed stages to help you along.

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  • Land, Design & Plans
    The basics
    The what, where & how of your project
  • Planning
    Proper planning is needed for perfect execution
    Making sure all responsibilities are understood
  • Site Preparation & Manufacturing
    Get your site ready and let manufacturing in the factory begin
    Containers are prepared in the factory and sent to the prepared site
  • Assembly & Connections
    Units are delivered to the prepared site

Standard Models

Something off the shelf.

These are either designs we think work really well or designs that could help guide you in terms of overall pricing for your project.


Other Container Buildings

Containers don’t just make amazing homes, they’re good for just about any structure you could need in any location.  Offices, Restaurants, Medical Clinics, Classrooms, Schools, they can be anything you want them to be

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Have you seen our online estimation service?

A unique, free and no-obligation ballpark costing on your project. Dont believe us? Try for yourself

Use our Online Estimation System

Visit our online container showroom with 3d models of all our standard products

Visit the Container Showroom
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Available Now

The units below are available at much shorter lead times than usual

Featured Unit


Our 12m 2 bedroom; 2 bathroom starter home

Complete with thermal insulated walling; vinyl flooring; 2x bathrooms with shower, toilet & basin; kitchen with oven, hob, extractor.

Plumbing & Electrical services ready to connect