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Team member
Bradley Berman
With vast experience in the property industry, Brad brings a wealth of experience to the company.
Brad spent the past 15 years in property management and development and has a keen eye on the property market in general.
Brad’s focus is on keeping container homes looking as beautiful as possible while exploring new technologies and ideas that can be incorporated.

Unfortunately Brad left the company at the end of May 2021.

Team member
Nick Thomatos
Manufacturing Genius
Nick brings decades of manufacturing experience to the company, through which we have been able to refine the manufacturing process
Through Nicks input, the manufacturing processes incorporate the best manufacturing practices allowing us to create some of the best container units.
Following Nicks appointment as director, he assumed full control of the company leading to the ultimate split with both of the founders while Nick retained the company under his all watchful eye.
Team member
Alicia Kalil
With a sales and marketing background, Alicia co-founded the company and has a real passion for making a difference in the world and providing houses to those in need.
Alicia works closely within the government, charitable and key accounts sectors to provide help wherever it is needed.
Unfortunately Alicia left the company in October 2020.