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Container FAQ

Yes, all our interior walling products are installed with appropriate and effective insulation.
A complete concrete slab is recommended although not absolutely essential. The site should be level and compact, clear and free of obstructions. Footings or Plinths could be used to supports all corner posts and center areas to keep costs down.
Our homes are capable of using alternative energy supplies. Solar panels, solar geysers and/or rainwater harvesting systems can be installed in the factory for off-grid living. Gas appliances are also widely used in our units.
Technically, plans are needed for any structure placed on an erf. But what if these structures were moveable containers? If needed our units can be designed so no legal accession of the unit to the land takes place. Once containers are joined the moveable status becomes compromised. It is always best to have plans submitted and approved, we have a team of associates ready to help out with this.  
All units are transported to the client from our factory in Kraaifontein by road or sea. Units are transported complete after being fitted and finished in the factory and assembled on site.  The site should have already been prepared for the container.
We are able to supply your choice of either solar or gas geysers to suit your needs.
Units can either be finished to look like a container or could have one of our cladding systems over it so it could blend into any neighbourhood. From Fibre-cement to wood composite cladding, anything is possible.
If you would like to customise a unit we will gladly work with your requirements; however this may have an impact on the overall price if upgrades are requested. We want you to have a modular home that you are proud of
Items not included in the quoted price are:- Site clearing; site preparation; footings, plinths or foundations; engineers or architects fees, on-site connection costs. Transport is listed separately and may be subject to confirmation at time of order.