How does it work?

In order to get beautiful and perfect end products, the process below should be followed.

Just like with any type of construction, there is a lot to think about when building with containers so its important to have already defined your needs to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

From start to finish, we’re right here with you making sure the best decisions are made at all times.

We’ve tried to make things as easy as possible by splitting the process into the 4 main stages below.

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  • Land, Design & Plans
    What you want and where you want it
    Its important to have things defined
  • Planning
    Getting things ready for delivery
  • Site Preparation & Manufacturing
    Delivery of the units and any on-site joinery
    Get the containers delivered & assembled
  • Assembly & Connections
    The units are delivered to site and joined where necessary

Step 1 – Land & Design

The very first step is to identify the geographical area you wish to place your container home as well as an overall idea of the size of the house as well as numbers of bedroom and bathroom requirements.

Next we need to consider aspects such as services (water & electricity); site preparation; building approvals; access for delivery, etc.

We work with an architect that can draw and submit plans on your behalf if need be.  This will be an additional cost payable directly to the architect for their services but this will ensure things are in a position to be handed back to us for manufacturing and keeps a strong coordination between the various stages of your container project.  We will always have a set of detailed manufacturing plans for your project.

This is the ideal stage to let out your creativity so we can create your perfect home.

Its time to start thinking about how best to use the spaces available most efficiently.

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Step 2 – Planning

We have a range of standard singular and double container units available with some customisations available.

If our standard products are not being used, plans need to be finalised which will allow a cost to be finalised.

Estimations are available online but may not factor in all the items you are wanting for your container home, in this case we will manually adjust the pricing to be in line with your requirements.

Usually projects of more than 2 containers becomes a custom design.

A final costing can only be provided once a full set of plans has been generated.

At the end of this stage things should be ready or almost ready to commence manufacturing.

Step 3 – Site Preparation & Manufacturing

Prepare your site in accordance with the specifications and arrange the container delivery.

In cases where municipal permissions have been obtained, part of this requirement will be to have an engineer provide specifications for the construction of the foundation or footings for the container(s) and these will need to be built accordingly.

In cases where no municipal permission is needed, we can provide basic specifications for the preparation of your site.

While your final arrangements are made for the preparation of your site, the containers are being manufactured in the factory.  We usually try to coordinate the manufacturing processes with the final site preparation to ensure minimal time between completion of site preparation and final delivery.

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Step 4 – Assembly & Connections

Containers are delivered to your site in the order that they are needed and are then placed with a crane into their final position and should only to be joined and sealed for use.

After modular assembly is complete your home will be ready for occupancy.

Singular units don’t require much intervention from us during the installation processes.  Multi-Container project require some sealing and joining to allow for the various internal elements to function properly.

Optional extras are usually installed at this stage.  Examples of these include cladding, deck, roof, geysers, solar electricity, rainwater harvesting systems, etc.