What we do

and how we do it

Modular infrastructure is the ability to get the structures you need, finished to the quality you expect, delivered anywhere you need.

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We don’t expect you to become a container expert, that’s what we are here for.

We will teach you the basics so you can make the best decisions for your personal container project.

Everyone wants different things, so understanding what is possible is the key to a successful container project.


Plug into your municipal services or any of the off-grid options available

Internal Reticulation

All internal plumbing and electrical reticulation is prepared in the factory and ready to connect

Fixtures and Fittings

All fixtures and fittings are included. Plug in, move your furniture in and enjoy


All units are appropriately insulated between the exterior and interior container walls as well as inside the ceiling. You'll be amazed at the temperature inside

So what exactly is included in the price?

The container


Walling, Flooring & Ceiling

The appropriate insulated walls, floors & ceilings

Fixtures & Fittings

All plumbing & electrical fittings, fixtures, switches, etc


Kitchen & Bathroom cupboards Bedroom Cupboards

Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchen sink & tap Bathroom Appliances